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Inferno Collection | Volume 1

Inferno Collection | Volume 1

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These 25 fire and smoke VDB's are perfect for adding that lively touch to your 3D scenes. Skip the expensive 3rd party simulating and caching, and drag and drop one or multiple VDB's from this pack into your scene!

Not only is this pack for 3D artists, but any digital artist that could benefit from compositing Smoke and Fire into their composition in programs like Photoshop/Affinity Photo. There are 25 still images to overlay into your project. 🔥


  • What's Included:

    ✅ 25 Fire/Smoke VDB's

    ✅  25 Accompanying JPEG's for preview

    ✅  25 (2K) Fire/Smoke Images to composite into Photoshop/Editor

    ✅  Quick tutorial for implementation into your scenes

  • Compatibility:

    ✅  Any 3D program/render engine that supports VDB

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